ThrivingLocallyThriving Locally

Connecting Communities with their Locally Owned Businesses selling their products and services, we offer all people the opportunity to enhance their lives, achieve their goals, and create a thriving and sustaining economic community through the Thriving Locally Sales and Marketing System.

CRTA_JaneJamesUsedTackShopJane James Used Tack Shop & Cowichan Therapeutic Riding Association

The used tack store was initiated in 2011 in response to 1) the need diversify and self-generate income to support the charitable work of the program, and 2) the large surplus of used equestrian equipment and apparel (“tack”) donated to the program each year.  Our current resources limit capacity, and as a result the project has hit a plateau. CTRA has identified a number of clear opportunities to expand the initiative and would like use this event to showcase our project and request support (both cash and technical) to help us grow this social enterprise to its full potential. Learn More

JamesBayCommunityProject_CommunityClosetCommunity Closet Thrift Store – part of James Bay Community Project

The Community Closet Thrift Store sells good quality used clothing, shoes, jewellery and accessories at very affordable prices while providing volunteering opportunities for approximately 35 volunteers of all ages, and funds to support programs and services of the James Bay Community Project in Victoria BC. It also serves as a “connection hub” in our neighbourhood for those who may feel isolated, and a gateway to the supports and resources of the James Bay Community Project.

The challenge is how to expand the store in every respect in order to fulfil its untapped potential in terms of social impact and financial profits, with the latter being channeled into expanding the social services provided by the James Bay Community Project. Learn More

islandjavabagIsland Java Bag

I take items that normally end up in the landfill and make sellable products from them. I want more people to be aware that waste can be a resource . I employee a single mother with barriers to full time employment to make pieces for me. I work with a local centre for developmentally disabled people, I make a product where money is donated to them. I currently use coffee bean burlap, harnesses, old jeans and leather to make my items. I am adding empty grain bags from breweries to this list. Learn More

FED_FoodEcoDistrictFood Eco District (FED)

FED’s mission is to create a district in downtown Victoria, BC that celebrates food and sustainability. Imagine a district as distinct as China Town, dense with urban gardens, great public spaces and restaurants committed to reducing their environmental impact. FED is a movement that will enhance food security, reduce carbon emissions, and create a better city. The model can be adopted by other cities in the future.  Learn More

seeds-of-changeSeeds of Change Workshops

Seeds of Change Workshops is a for profit social enterprise that provides workshops on how easy, fun, and affordable sustainable living can be. We reach out to high schools, universities, the eco-village, private groups, community centres, and indigenous groups to focus on chemical education and how to reduce the number of toxins in the home through homemade household products. SeCatalyst is an opportunity to build connections for more educational opportunities and receive the funding to evolve the workshops into an online course that can be accessed by larger groups of people and be implemented into schools. Learn More

TopSoilTOPSOIL – Innovative Urban Agriculture

TOPSOIL utilizes unused space in downtown victoria by implementing productive food gardens. The produce is then sold directly to the surrounding restaurants. As a social enterprise we are committed to addressing the negative consequences associated with our current industrialized food system from start to finish. TOPSOIL does not only grow food better but also strives to create a new food system which has zero C02 emission associated with transporting our produce, uses zero one-time-use plastic packing, has zero chemical inputs while turning the organic waste from the participating restaurants into high quality compost to grow food back for that  same restaurant.  Learn More

islandrootsmarketIsland Roots Market Co-operative

The mission Island Roots hopes to address through seCatalyst participation is to provide local producers the comfort they need to invest in their own and our community’s future.  Key to this mission to increase the number of consumers attending the three farmers markets we currently operate to the point where vendors feel they can expand their operations, hire staff and put money into the co-op shares needed to develop a year round indoor/outdoor market at Beban Park. In order to realize this opportunity, Island Roots needs to work with marketing, website, fund raising and business (securities) finance experts to develop and execute marketing and fundraising plans. Learn More

MealshareMealshare Aid Society

Mealshare is a social enterprise working to end youth hunger. We partner with restaurants, and place our logo next to a few menu items. When a customer orders a ‘Mealshare Item’ they get their meal, just like normal. But, we also provide one meal to someone in need! Buy one, give one – it’s that simple!

Currently, we are partnered with 14 restaurants in Victoria, and 5 restaurants

in Cowichan Valley. With the support of our volunteer Community Leader for the area, we are working hard to scale, increase partnerships, increase meals shared and become sustainable in the area. Learn More

haliburtonfarmlogoEcofarm School at Haliburton Community Organic Farm

Growing food needs farmers! Farmers are aging and available training on Southern Vancouver Island is limited. The Ecofarm School will provide practical knowledge and hands-on training in certified organic agriculture, holistic nutrition, and applied ecosystem restoration in Saanich. The Society has years of experience providing training for organic growing (14) and environmental stewardship (10), a wealth of expertise onsite and by our partner, Gaia College. The Ecofarm School will build on our training from VanCity for social enterprises, take the next steps to provide in-depth experiential learning for sustainable food production in an urban environment in partnership with Gaia College. Learn More

CowichanGreenCommunityCowichan Green Community Society

The Cowichan Incubator Seed Farm will be the first of its kind seed production training farm. The enterprise will directly address the unmet demand for regionally adapted, open source, and ecologically produced seed by training new and aspiring farmers in the skills and knowledge necessary to become seed farmers. In addition to training new seed producers, the farm will serve as a seed education centre and community seed bank. Our challenge is to develop an enterprise that teaches seed production, seed business development, and generates its own revenue through sales and education opportunities. Learn More

251ThingstoDo251 Things to Do

We are on online publication and travel book start-up series showcasing local communities in Canada, beginning with Vancouver Island. We’ve published our first book called 251 Things to Do in Tofino: Do-Tofino- Surfing-ebook/dp/B01CPO5F80/

Featured over 100 local authors, a first time in history, and we are extremely excited to have the Tofino Mayor’s endorsement.  We have plans to expand across Vancouver Island, publishing a new book per community, meanwhile all of these communities will be interconnected strongly in a web of online cross promotion across all social media platforms. We believe in the power of local community, and supporting local business. Learn More