Social Venture Bootcamp

Blue Heron House, Royal Roads University

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February 15-18, 2018

Program and Speakers

Dr. Robert Mittelman, Dr. Peter Ove, & Dr. Brock Smith

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Idea Generation, Creativity, and Social Opportunity Recognition

  • Develop market scanning skills
  • Learn and use creativity tools to generate innovative new product (good, services, experiences) ideas

Beyond social venture ideas: crafting social venture product concepts and value propositions

  • Learn how to Identify and prioritize social enterprise opportunities
  • Learn the four ‘laws’ of effective product concepts
  • Understand the key elements of a value proposition
  • Be able to document and communicate a value proposition


Understanding Customers

  • Be able to effectively segment a market
  • Be able to craft a detailed segment profile
  • Be able to design an effective User Needs & Wants Study
  • Be able to understand what your potential customers need and want


Creating Impact

  • Be able to assess the impact of your social enterprise
  • Be able to make a preliminary feasibility assessment
  • Be able to make a preliminary financial assessment
  • Be able to make a preliminary impact assessment


Sharing Your Idea and Story

  • Deliver an effective elevator pitch of your concept.
  • Share your plan for testing your idea